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Skyping in the Classroom/ Blogging Challenge Week 3!

on December 12, 2014

I have been a little behind on my posts and I feel like there has been so much going on in Room 815!   Here is a quick recap:

Last Monday we had a wonderful turn-out for our Technology Night for Parents!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come and participate! Thank you also to Dawn Carlin, our Technology Integration Specialist for her help in explaining the direction our district is moving in as it relates to technology and to Mr. Mieyal for staying and helping us get started!   I received some wonderful feedback from parents who felt that it was helpful to have some time to learn about the different technology tools we are using in class . It was so fun to see you all and get to work with you in a different format!

photo tech night

Another fun event this week was when we skyped with Braeden.  Braeden is out of school for a whole month due to surgery.  Today was our first attempt and it was a huge success! Thank you to the class for working so hard and being so patient while we figured out how to make it all work best, thank you to Mrs. Mueller and Braeden for being willing to try something new, and thank you again to the FL / ECC PTA for our tablet, which we used to Skype. Braeden was able to participate in a full Math lesson on fractions.  He was able to participate just as he would have in class, and able to hear other students thoughts and ideas- how cool! 

skype session 1

Whew!  Lastly, here is your blogging challenge for the week.  We have been learning about FRACTIONS!   We have learned about what fractions are (parts of a whole/group), and how to read and write fractions. We have also learned how to compare fractions with common denominators, and how to compare fractions that do not have common denominators.  Your challenge has many parts!  Read the instructions below:

1. Write a post about :

a) what fractions are

b) how we use fractions in real life

c)give your readers some idea of the vocabulary needed to understand fractions. 

2. Create a Photopeach slideshow using  and (for your images) to explain how we can cross multiply to compare fractions that DO NOT have common denominators. 


You can do it!!!   I can’t wait to see your posts and slideshows.  You have until Wednesday to complete this challenge.  Have fun!

5 Responses to “Skyping in the Classroom/ Blogging Challenge Week 3!”

  1. Luke says:

    Dear Mrs.C

    I already did a post on fractions. Does that mean I have to do it again?

    • Mrs. Campagna says:

      Hi Luke!
      That’s wonderful that you already did a post about fractions! Maybe an idea would be to go back to that post edit it to add all the information that we’ve learned this week including what we learned today on cross multiplying giving as much information as you can then working on your photo peach and inserting it into that post you’ve already started and republishing it that way you’re not starting over completely! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have a great weekend. Love, Mrs. Camppagna

  2. braedenm2014 says:

    Hi Mrs. C

    Hi this is Braeden so the fraction thing I don’t think I can do because I don’t know much of the stuff that you guys are doing. And this is not an exuse but I can’t do student blogging challenge # 3 becauses what fractions are you talking about and I can’t do this because I was not in class that much so I don’t know what to do?.


  3. Kelly Strang says:

    Hi Class,
    I seems that you guys have been learning a lot the past couple of weeks! I think it is cool that you got to Skype.


    • Mrs. Campagna says:

      Hello Kelly Darling!
      How are you? I LOVE it when you come back to visit the blog and see what we are up to and so does the class! Skyping was really cool. It was just like Braeden was there and it was really valuable since we are learning so much, none of us want him to miss too much. Maybe I can coordinate an activity with Mrs. Barylski and we could do some kind of a project together where we can Skype! Wouldn’t that be fun? Feel free to write back and tell us all about you and what you are up to, we’d love to hear!
      Love you,
      Mrs. C . And Room 815

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