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Gummi Science Experiment

22742-Gummi-BearsWell it turns out that Gummi Bears are not only a tasty treat, but they also can be a fun topic for science experiments!  Last week, we completed our Gummi Bear Experiment.  We have been learning about some Science vocabulary such as hypothesis, data, variables, observation, experiment, and classifying.  We put those vocabulary words into action as we each created a hypothesis. We learned that a good hypothesis is a statement that can be tested with an experiment. We also learned that a strong hypothesis will follow the pattern  “If…….  then…… because…..”  such as “If I leave my Gummi Bears in water overnight then they will get smaller because the sugar will dissolve and disappear.”  We discussed in small groups our reasoning based on what we knew about gummis- that they are made of food coloring, gelatin and sugar .  We also based our hypotheses on our own background knowledge. 

We found that the Gummi Bears did in fact get bigger overnight . We also observed that the color changed.  How did the color change when we left the gummis in water overnight?

Was your hypothesis correct or not?

Check out the videos/photos  below to see the process.






photo 1 photo 2


Science Observations 2015

This week we are  beginning our first Science unit. One important aspect of being a scientist is to be observant.

How observant do you think you are? We will be learning this week about how important it is to be observant during Science so that we can pay close attention to changes during an experiment. Try these with your family and friends at home! Remember, only give them about 2 minutes to view the FedEx truck, and only about a minute to count the F’s in the last picture. Good luck! (See the first comment to find the answers!)

Try to find the hidden arrow on the FedEx truck in 2 minutes!

Can you locate the arrow on the FedEx truck? Only give yourself 2 minutes to try to find it !

How many F's can you find in 1 minute?

How many “f”s do you see here? Give yourself 1 minute to try this one!

Can you find the hidden tiger in this image?

Do you see the hidden tiger…. keep looking!!! It is in there. 🙂

Thanks to for such a neat activity idea!


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