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So Many Firsts!

           We had many firsts today!  We had our first Bank Day and our first Rock Star Party!  We also watched our first Newsdepth!  Whew! What a busy day!

In our classroom our Rock Star system is one of the many things that make our classroom special.  The students work very hard every day to be their best and think often about how they can go above and beyond, do more and try harder.  We have had so many Rock Stars already this month and it is only our first month!  We may even have the entire class at the Rock Star Party next month! Wow!  Here are some photos from today’s party to celebrate our September Rock Stars!  The theme was a cupcake decorating party 🙂

IMG_6254 IMG_6253 IMG_6252 IMG_6251

Today was also our first Bank Day!  Bank Day happens once a month and this is a time for us to enter all of our information and money ; paychecks, fines, Bonus Bucks, and Rent, all into our Bank Books (ledgers). In our class the students learn how to budget and plan about saving and spending their money. They also practice multiple digit addition and subtraction while learning how to enter deposits and withdraws into their banking ledgers. We even learn how to write checks!! So many life lessons and we are only 8 and 9 years old!  See the photos below and a special thanks to all of the parent helpers for this Bank Day: Mrs. Laki, Mrs. Coughanour, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Flynn, and Mrs. Prugar! We couldn’t have done it without you!

IMG_6267 IMG_6266 IMG_6265 IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6262 IMG_6260 IMG_6259 IMG_6258 IMG_6257 IMG_6256 IMG_6255


Lastly, we watched our first Newsdepth. Newsdepth is a special news program for students.  They talk about all the current events in the world, our country and even in Ohio!  We learn about various professions, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Math and so much more from watching Newsdepth. Here is the link to this week’s show if you want to share it with your friends and family!  Don’t forget to find the link on the web page that says “Petting Zoo”  to see all the entertaining animal videos!



Political and Physical Maps

The students and I have begun learning about Geography in our class. We began by learning about the Compass Rose. I wonder if our students remember what each of the letters below stand for?  If you remember, make sure to include it in your comments below! 

compassToday we introduced two different types of maps.  In third grade, students need to be able to understand the difference between physical and political maps.  Look at the two maps below.  Which one is which?  Use the letters below each picture to tell the world what you know about physical and political maps!  Try to tell what type of map  picture A is and what picture B is and add a few details about each!  I can’t wait to see what you have to say! 



Map   A                                                                           Map B



Right to Read Week and Career Day

There is a lot to write about from this week!  We had Right to Read Week this week and the theme was “Wild About Reading”.  Each day was something special; wild hair day, bring your wild stuffed animal day, dress for a safari day, and so on.  Also, every day we had the chance to “Drop Everything and Read!” for 20 minutes at surprise times during the day.  It was so fun!  In addition to that, as part of Right to Read Week we had two parents come in to be guest readers.  Mr. Lofton and Mrs. Voisinet came and shared some new books with us!  Mrs. Voisinet read us “Encyclopedia Brown” and Mr. Lofton read, “That’s Not Funny”.  What was great was that with both guest readers, afterwards I saw students picking up the Encyclopedia Brown books in our classroom library, that they had previously overlooked , and becoming completely engrossed. I also heard students talking about how they wanted to check out the books that Mr. Lofton shared from the school library.  In this way it is clear that sharing your love of reading with kids makes a HUGE impact!  Thank you!

IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_5284 IMG_5285


The other wonderful event that took place this week was Career Day!  Career Day is a chance for our 3rd grade students to experience a variety of careers that people in our community are involved in.  The students were assigned two stations to visit in 20 minute sessions. There they heard a presentation, were able to ask questions and often there were activities for them to get involved in!  The third session was a free choice session.  Thank you to Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Balewski for all their hard work getting this event together and thank you to all of the families that volunteered!  

Career Day 2015 on PhotoPeach


Communication Over Time

This week the students are working toward the learning target “I can explain how communication has changed over time.” At the same time we are also starting to focus on identifying the main idea and details of a text. The students read books about different types of communication and identified the most important point of each chapter. In the photos below they are organizing each type of communication into timelines. We wi then add illustrations and explanations of each type of communication….whew! There is a whole lot of learning going on in room 815!





Next week will begin our blogging journey now that testing is almost over and we can get out hands on the school computers. We can’t wait!!


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