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A Story Chain

on October 1, 2012

A strong and interesting story consists of so many things. A clear beginning, middle and end help form the shape of a story,but the problem and solution help to make it interesting. The details and description make a story juicy, and using C.U.P.S. helps the reader understand what you are trying to say. Let’s create a story that connects people from around the world. Let’s start with our class and see where our story goes…

1. Read the introduction of the story here.

2. Read each following comment to see how the story is moving along.

3. Add your own piece to the story. A few sentences or a whole paragraph!

4. Check back often to see where our story has gone and how it has changed and developed as each person leaves their imprint!

The introduction:

A small group of friends, two young boys and a young girl, were playing in the early evening in the young girl’s backyard. They were the best of friends and loved to play tag and hide and go seek as often as they could . The girl’s parents were not home for the evening, they had gone for a long walk around the neighborhood. Suddenly , the girl stopped. “I think I heard the doorbell.” she said. The boys shrugged their shoulders and followed the girl to the front porch. They looked around , but no one was there. When the girl looked down, she saw a mysterious and ood looking little…

28 Responses to “A Story Chain”

  1. Audrey says:

    Coat it was as small as a mice.They picked it up and looked at it,then they thought a little more about it.They thought about who it belong to.Then they saw something scammper across the grass.What is that?said the little girl.I’m sure it is just a bee.I thought I saw a…

  2. Caleb Sherman says:

    bunny bounce across the street. “Lets go find the bunny and see if this is his coat,” said one of the boys. They went to go get some things to help them find the bunny. They brought a net and a….

  3. Allie says:

    Rat!!! She looked a little bit closer. Wait a minute, it was a rat!!! The two boys and the girl stood on the porch for a second and then started screaming like they just sat on a tack. After they went inside the girl’s house, the one boy said, “I wonder where it came from?” “All I know is that it freaked me out,” said the girl. “Me too,” said the boys. “I guess we have a case to solve,” said the one boy. The girl got a weird feeling kind of like a shiver. “Do you feel that too?” “What do you mean?” said one of the boys……..

  4. Max says:

    Box then they cought the bunny. Soon later allies parents were home and then they tried the coat on the bunny and it fit the bunny. Allie asked her parents if they could buy a cage for the bunny and allies parents said ” yes “.They called him…

  5. Lauren says:

    carrot. They tied the carrot to a string and put the carrot in the middle of the yard. The children hid behind a bush on the other side of the string. One of the boys said, ” I think I see…

  6. omarkabra says:

    Praying Mantis it was so green it had long legs and arms.
    Then it jumped on to the young girls shoulder and said “Hello I just moved in next door in the bushes just wanted to say Hi”.


    • Mallory says:

      The praying mantis hopped back to his home in the bushes and started to make his bed. Then, he swept the floor. After that, the praying mantis took a walk to see new neighbors, all of a sudden he heard a strange noise… it was his favorite food! A heard of flies were all headinding to a restraunt under the hump of the old oak tree. But when the praying mantis caught them with his sharp pinchers the poor flies couldn’t go to the dinner. So the praying mantis gobbled up all of the flies and crawled home. After he got home the praying mantis took a deep sleep.


  7. Sammie says:

    The 2 boys and the one girl wondered why the animals could talk it was very strange. Then there moms said time for bed, Coming! They all said at once. Then Allie went to feed Carrot as they were going to bed. When Allie got in the room she saw that Carrot’s coat was gone. Mom! Yelled Allie Carrots coat is gone! Something was magical about Carrots coat? But maybe that’s why the praying Mantis could talk. The coat is magical. I better tell the boys the boys In the morning thought Allie. They will wonder to. Carrot could probably talk to thought Allie when she was getting in bed. In the morning the boys and Allie met in the front yard. Allie told them about Carrots coat and why the praying Mantis could talk then Allie saw the praing Mantis wearing Carrots coat. Mr. Mantis I think that coat belongs to me. Said Allie. Then why didn’t you say so yourself here you go. Thank you. Your very welcome. Then Allie went inside and put the coat on Carrot. Then Allie thought that Carrot needed toys . Here and here mom went to go get the toy for Carrot. Then Allie saw the perfect toy ever it was a…

  8. Mallory says:

    bouncy ball! Allie had been wanting one of them since last year. So then the praying mantis started hugging the ball like it’s a praying mantis baby. After that, Allie took the bouncy ball home and played and played and played until 3:00. But when Allie opened the door… her friends were all outside waiting for her o answer.” You know Allie we really liked you until you started loving your bouncy ball more then us all, but now we’ve found new friends,”Said Emma. Then,Allie started calling random phone numbers. But they were all hobo’s. Then, Allie was so sad she screamed in her pillow! She sat down on the brown couch and watched tv miserbley. After that, she went out in the neighborhood and peered at people her age. But none of them seemed to bother going up to her and asking to be Allie’s friend. Then Allie saw…


  9. Madison says:

    Bunny rabbit. The kids shout, “how cute there is a baby bunny at the door!” The little girls asks, “where is the bunny’s mom?” The kids decide that the little bunny will get cold and decide to take the little bunny inside to get warm. The boys decide that the bunny needs a snack and they go to the fridge to get a carrot and some lettuce. Now the hunt is on, the little girl says, “we must find the bunny’s mom”. The little boys say, “we should try looking at the park!”……….

  10. erin says:

    When they got to the park they saw a couple bunnys so they started looking. Their strategy was to look for the bunny that looked like the baby bunny. When they thought they found the mother they went home and…

  11. Lauren says:

    realized it wasn’t the bunny’s mother! It was actually a fuzzy duck! The duck waddled in to the kitchen and got a…

    • Mrs. Katona says:

      big glass of Coke and a chocolate chip cookie. The duck wondered what she was doing in this crazy house where people think ducks are bunnnies!!!! In wandered the baby bunny and ….

  12. Mallory says:

    it fell face smack onto the floor. Then, they went to see if the bunny was okay. They found out that the bunny was faking. After that, everybody was laughing. Then the bunny marched out of the house and bumped right into the praying mantis and it was not in a good mood because the praying mantis was looking for food and it pinched the bunny on the belly. Next, the bunny hopped to a gigantic weed and the hopping creature peared inside the horible weed. Then, the bunny saw three little bugs called bees they were having a meeting. When the bunny looked in the weed again the bees flew out and started to chase the poor bunny. The hopping creature got stung millions of times and the bunny started to think he had bad luck. So the bunny decided to keep it that way because everyone would care for him.


    • Sam S. says:

      Then the bunny was walking away from the weeds and go too far away and fell into the water. Then the poor bunny started drowing. Then they boy took off his shirt and started swimming to get the bunny. Then when the girl saw her parents coming back from where they were. Then the girl thought she was in trouble and her parents thought she was a hero for saving the bunny and so the girl go to keep the bunny. And she was going to name him….

  13. Emma says:

    Fluffy also fluffy was a crazzy bunny.All he really do is just jump around in circles.fluffy wanted to go to the park and on the way all he did was jumped really high.Then they were at the park and fluffy wanted to go on the swings.Fluffy went really high then he jumped really high and also went higher then his family thought.And then…

  14. Finn says:

    Amazing just really really really really really really really really really really amazing? What was i calling amzing i dont think i read it?

  15. Mallory says:

    Fluffy fell out of the sky and got seriously hurt. Fluffy got rushed to the hospital. When the family got to the hospital the doctor said that the surgents have never done surgury on a bunny before. There was nothing they could do. So when the family got home the doctor called and said…

  16. Emerson says:

    that fluffy would have to stay at the hospital for a the girl and her parents went to the…

    • Kyler says:

      Grocery store and got flowers and carrots with bows on them. The family was so sad and thought Fluffy was going to die. Then there was a laugh from the distance. A man with a black suit was at the family’s door. “I’m so sorry that Fluffy died,” he said with exaggeration. “What do you mean? He’s in the hospital now, ” said the famliy. ” I went there and they said he died,” said the man. The famliy was so sad and knew they had to get a new pet. So they went to the pet shop and got a….

  17. NOAH V says:

    snake from africa the family took it home. the family did’t know what to do so the family…

  18. kyler says:

    Named him.His name was Fluffy because it reminds them of the bunny they had that died……………………..

  19. omarkabra says:

    Fluffy the snake is the family pet now! Fluffy did something bad he ate the praying mantis so the snake is really long and bites very hard so they make him live in a long cage they have a big top to open the cage to put the water and new food in the cage so it does not bite them but they took a chance and took it out and it did not bite it was very nice and friendly to everyone so they made a little house for it they let it come out whenever it wants to get out they love it but one thing they don’t like is that it ate the praying mantis but they love it they never want to be mad at it. It is nice and good to everyone except only one thing…


  20. noah says:

    A rat because the family found a rat in there back yard. But fluffy thout that they were going to replace him.So fluffy then started to bite. So the family pote the fluffy back in his cage.The next moarning the rat was gone!The family looked in the fluffys cage and there was a dead rat in it’s cage.So the family kicked the snake out of the house.So fluffy made anest in the woods and ate a bird for brecfest, lunch, and dinner meanwhile the family was fighting over how to get the dead rat out of the house and they were fighting about what kind of pet they shoud get.So they got agerble and the family loved itso much that they…

  21. Morgan says:

    Got him every toy for gerbils in the store. The gerbil was very happy
    with his new toys and new home. The children played with him alot and
    loved and cared for him. The gerbil nibbled on alot of stuff in the house and the parents
    got really….

  22. Addie says:

    angry. The gerbil had made too much of a mess. They had to get rid of him. The children were saddened by this occurance, however their spirits were lightened when they got a new puppy. His name was banjo, and….

  23. omarkabra says:

    The puppy was so cute and playful. Alot of times he was a handful. Banjo gets him self into alot of trouble. he steps on the lop top alot gets his self in trobol because he does bad stuff like eat the food ensted of his food in his cage he messes stuff up for another pepole when they build blocks he sprinsts right in to it they get mad…

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