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Blogging Challenge 1: Creating an Avatar!

Yesterday our students had an opportunity to experiment with our first blogging challenge. Today we reviewed how they could successfully add an avatar to their blog.  See the video below to follow the steps we took using the site BUILD YOUR WILD SELF.  We had so much fun today creating and experimenting with different avatars to represent ourselves online!

How to Build and Add Your Avatar on PhotoPeach

This is the FIRST PART to your blogging challenge.  Here is part two:

By next Tuesday, each student should have created an avatar to represent themselves online.  Now, your job is to choose two family members and create an avatar for each of them!  Think hard about which avatar site you want to use and how you think these people should be represented!  Once you have created these avatars and saved them, write a post to describe the person and why you chose the avatar you did.  Answer these questions:

1. Who did you choose to create an avatar for and why?

2. What inspired the details of the avatar and how do they relate to the real person?

Here are a list of different avatar building sites you can experiment with.  Have fun and we can’t wait to see and share all of your beautiful (or weird?!) creations!

Creating your avatar  (from the Edublogs site)

Most schools don’t allow students to use photos of themselves on blogs and get their students  to create avatars that is representative of them.

Here are just some of the online tools you can use to create avatars:

  1. Build your wild self
  2. DoppelMe
  3. Dream Avatar creator
  4. Mini-mizer – lego avatar
  5. The Hero Factory  hero avatar
  6. Mr PicassoHead
  7. Simpsons Avatar
  8. WeeMee
  9. Wimp yourself

Some students draw their avatars then take a photo of the drawing to use for their avatars.

Once you’ve created the avatar you can save the avatar by either:

  1. Right click on the avatar and select “Save Image as” or “Save Picture as” to save a copy on your computer
  2. Take a screenshot of your image (use the Snipping Tool or PrnScrn)



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