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Using Google Classroom

Today our class learned how to use Google Classroom !  We had a great time learning how to log in, answering a Science question and learning how to create an assignment in Google Docs straight from our Google Classroom site.

Our first assignment was to write a fantasy story based on the book Scarecrow Pete by Mark Moulton.

peteIn Scarecrow Pete, the two main characters become friends and the author does a beautiful job  of describing the setting, problem and solution.  I wonder if my students remember why Mrs. Campagna loves this book so much ?  Comment below if you think you know!  It has something to do with the lesson the boy character learns 🙂

We practiced our typing and our fantasy writing skills as each student worked diligently to write their stories.  Soon we will learn how to submit or turn in our assignments!

If you have read this story and remember the lesson, don’t forget to comment below !

If you are working on your first assignment here is reminder of how to log in:

1. Go to Google Chrome

2. Log in with your school email

3. Visit the site

4. Click on Mrs. Campagna’s Class!

Have fun!



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