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Perimeter and Area!!

I can understand area and relate area to multiplication and addition. 

I can recognize and determine a shapes perimeter. 

Perimeter: the measurement around the outside of a shape

Area: the measurement of the space within a shape


Area Song (Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”) 

Area, area, 

Throughout the whole middle

For rectangles it’s base times height 

And your answer will always be right!


Perimeter Song (Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”) 

Perimeter, perimeter, 

Goes around , around

Add up all the sides 

And then you write your answer down! 


Euclidean_algorithm_1071_462 Click on the green rectangle to learn a little more about perimeter and area using the site Math Playground! 

Funbrain-logoClick on the Funbrain logo to practice mastering finding the measurement of area and perimeter. 

computer_maintenanceThis weebly site has many interactive games on perimeter and area! Click on the computer to play! 

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  1. Hadley Allen says:

    Hi miss Campagna! I was sitting down and thought why don’t I check out miss c’s blog! I just wanted to say that I still sing the area and perimeter songs to this day and they really help me there are a ton of different songs that I have heard but your songs are the best and they help me the the most!:):):)

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