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Properties of Multiplication

Properties of Multiplication

Learning Target:

I can apply properties of multiplication as strategies to multiply and divide.

1. Commutative– It doesn’t matter what order you multiply 2 numbers. The answer is always the same. Ex: 2×3=3×2
2. Associative-When multiplying 3 or more numbers together, it doesn’t matter how you group them together. The answer will always be the same. Ex: (3×4)x7=3x(4×7)
3. Identity-When multiplying a number by 1 the answer is always the same number. Ex: 7×1=7 

4. Distributive– When multiplying 3 or more numbers, understanding that 8×7 can be broken apart by saying that 8×5=40 and 8×2=16, then adding 40+16=56 which is the same as 8×7. 


Use this Smart Notebook to review what we learned in class:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.36.44 PM


soccerSoccer Score! Kick in some goals while practicing your multiplication properties! Click on the picture to get started! 

math1Can you name the properties of multiplication? AAA Math can help you get started identifying these properties! Click on the picture to get started. 

 money mathMultiplication Millionaire!  Solve the problems to earn money and you could be the next millionaire! Click on the picture to get started. 


_Stock__Space_Banner_by_HaPKOuter Space Attackers!  Blast meteors in outer space to practice your multiplication properties! 

BasketballMultiplication Basketball!  Shoot hoops to earn a chance to practice your multiplication properties! 


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  1. Marienayzi says:

    i love this source,very interesting and effective for a starter!

  2. Marienayzi says:

    i love these resources!

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