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  1. Matthew M. says:

    Dear mrs.campagna, I think are pet for the blog shod be a ginie pig to cenc we have a ginie pig for a pet at school. form, Mattman

  2. nataliej says:

    Dear Mrs.Campagna,

    For the question the arrow was on the side of the square on the FedEx truck.For the second question there was 3 f’s.For the third question on the tigers stripes it says hidden tiger.

    Con amor,

  3. Isabelle N. says:

    Dear. Mrs. Campagna,

    The arrow is between the E and the X.
    There are 3 F’s.
    The Hidden tiger is in the bushes to the right of the tigher.

    From Izzy

  4. rafy says:


    dear, Mrs.C
    The arrow is in-between the E and the x. There were six f`s. The words hidden tiger were in the stripes.

    • calebe says:

      Hi Rafy,
      Are you on the blog yet? If you are not then get on? If you are on the blog have you typed anything yet? I did. Don’t forget to go on the blog(:

  5. matthew k says:

    dear, Mrs. Campagna,
    The arrow was in-between the E and the X . There are 6 f`s. The words tiger was in the tiger`s black stripes.

  6. daniellec says:

    The arrow is between the E and the X. There are 6 F’s in the second one.The Tiger is in the middle of the picture.

    Con Amor,

  7. matthew k says:

    dear Mackensy and Danyel,
    Mafatow came back to Hikrow I love what you poust

    Con Amor,

  8. matthew k says:

    Dear Calab and Noah,
    Mrs Tifftin is mean and she is all so the awner of Arondlow Hall.
    Con Amor,

  9. mackenzieb says:

    Dear Matt ceck your speing for my name just giving a hends up.
    Con Amor, Mackenzie

  10. matthew k says:

    Dear Mrs. Campagna,
    Today I went outside. I looked at the rocks, grass, trees and levees
    and I thought I should do a report on nature.
    This will be last of FUN.

    Con Amor,

  11. matthew k says:

    Dear Mrs. Campagna,
    When I logged in and started tipping the username y password.
    I clicked go or something like that and it said NO.
    I say no NO no k and w.

    Con Amor,

    • matthewk2014 says:

      Hi Matthew,
      I checked your blog and it is working. I can’t post your username and password on the blog but I will text your mom 🙂
      Try again!
      Mrs. Campagna

  12. matthewk2014 says:

    Dear Mrs Campagna
    I tried doing my theme.
    But I forgot.


    • Mrs. Campagna says:

      Dear Matt,
      It is okay if it is difficult, you’ll get it! First go to your blog Click on LoG IN on the top left of the page. When you log in, go to your dashboard. On the left hand side you should see a button that says APPEARANCE . Click on THEMES. Keep trying!
      Mrs. Campagna

  13. matthewk says:

    Hey its Matt

    I’m here. I’m trying to comment on all the class blogs. So that is why haven’t got a new poste up in a wile

  14. Mrs. Q says:

    Hi Mrs. Campagna’s class! We would love to try “quadblogging” with your class! Our kids are really excited to learn more about your classroom in Olmstead Falls, Ohio! We are a classroom of 4th graders in Hudsonville, Michigan. Let us know when you are ready to start and what we can do to participate!
    Mrs. Quigley’s Fourth Grade

  15. Mr Cameron says:

    Kia Ora!

    We are a Year 7 & 8 Class in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are an IB World School and a part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Our Blog is a place where you can find the latest information about all the things that are happening in and around Room 27.

    We would love it if we could begin commenting / connecting with each other =)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Mr Cameron

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