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Compass and Raz

Compass Learning

Compass Learning is a site our district is using to provide a program for students to practice their Reading and Math skills online at home or at school. This is a wonderful and fun site for kids! In the fall, winter and spring, students will be assessed using the MAP program.  This is directly linked to Compass Learning!  Based on how you scored on your MAP test, you will have certain activities, videos and quizzes at YOUR LEVEL! What a wonderful tool! Please click the link below to get started:

Compass Learning Link

Students use their student ID# as the username and the password is bulldog.

Also Note:  The Compass Learning website is best viewed using the Google Chrome browser.  To download the free Google Chrome browser to your computer, please click HERE.

Raz Kids

Raz Kids is another program students can use at home and at schools. This allows them to practice their reading fluency and comprehension.  We are so excited to finally have this in 3rd grade! 

Click Here to go to Raz Kids

1. Type in Mrs. C.’s username     acampagnac

2. Click on the student name.

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  1. tqueen says:

    hi my name is taylor and i am vary happy to blog with your class! I would love to know your name so we can become friends.How was the circus what where you?

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