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Using Google Classroom

Today our class learned how to use Google Classroom !  We had a great time learning how to log in, answering a Science question and learning how to create an assignment in Google Docs straight from our Google Classroom site.

Our first assignment was to write a fantasy story based on the book Scarecrow Pete by Mark Moulton.

peteIn Scarecrow Pete, the two main characters become friends and the author does a beautiful job  of describing the setting, problem and solution.  I wonder if my students remember why Mrs. Campagna loves this book so much ?  Comment below if you think you know!  It has something to do with the lesson the boy character learns 🙂

We practiced our typing and our fantasy writing skills as each student worked diligently to write their stories.  Soon we will learn how to submit or turn in our assignments!

If you have read this story and remember the lesson, don’t forget to comment below !

If you are working on your first assignment here is reminder of how to log in:

1. Go to Google Chrome

2. Log in with your school email

3. Visit the site

4. Click on Mrs. Campagna’s Class!

Have fun!



Cause and Effect with A Bad Case of Stripes


Last week we finished our Cause and Effect project using the book A Bad Case of Stripes!  The students did a wonderful job identifying various causes and effect in the story and then coloring Camilla’s head to show one of those examples.  Each student had to identify a cause and it’s effect and then create a sentence about this cause and effect using one of our signal words.  That was challenging!!  For homework , all students should comment below and share what they know about cause and effect. What it cause and effect? Why is it important, not just in 3rd grade , but in our everyday life?  What were some examples of causes and effects in A Bad Case of Stripes?  What are some of the signal words, or key words that we learned about?

Choose a few of the questions above to answer and write them in the comments below! I can’t wait to see what ideas we can share!

Here are some photos of our finished work!

IMG_6216 IMG_6215 IMG_6214 IMG_6213 IMG_6212


Right to Read Week and Career Day

There is a lot to write about from this week!  We had Right to Read Week this week and the theme was “Wild About Reading”.  Each day was something special; wild hair day, bring your wild stuffed animal day, dress for a safari day, and so on.  Also, every day we had the chance to “Drop Everything and Read!” for 20 minutes at surprise times during the day.  It was so fun!  In addition to that, as part of Right to Read Week we had two parents come in to be guest readers.  Mr. Lofton and Mrs. Voisinet came and shared some new books with us!  Mrs. Voisinet read us “Encyclopedia Brown” and Mr. Lofton read, “That’s Not Funny”.  What was great was that with both guest readers, afterwards I saw students picking up the Encyclopedia Brown books in our classroom library, that they had previously overlooked , and becoming completely engrossed. I also heard students talking about how they wanted to check out the books that Mr. Lofton shared from the school library.  In this way it is clear that sharing your love of reading with kids makes a HUGE impact!  Thank you!

IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_5284 IMG_5285


The other wonderful event that took place this week was Career Day!  Career Day is a chance for our 3rd grade students to experience a variety of careers that people in our community are involved in.  The students were assigned two stations to visit in 20 minute sessions. There they heard a presentation, were able to ask questions and often there were activities for them to get involved in!  The third session was a free choice session.  Thank you to Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Balewski for all their hard work getting this event together and thank you to all of the families that volunteered!  

Career Day 2015 on PhotoPeach


Blogging Challenge Week 7!

Hello Friends!  

You have two tasks for the week! The first is  to complete a final assessment quiz for Theme.

This week’s Blogging Challenge is one I know you are sure to enjoy! Today we learned a little bit about a Voki , or a talking avatar.  Using the site, we were able to create a few practice talking avatars.  In order to complete this week’s challenge, you will need to create a new voki and embed it into your sidebar.  Your challenge is to create a Voki, and using only the one minute provided, you will need to tell your visitors everything you know about THEME!! 

I would encourage you to write down a few ideas before you start recording. This will be part of your final assessment for theme and a real chance to teach others what you have learned. I would try to include some examples and the definition for sure.  I’m excited to see what you have learned! 

To complete this challenge, follow these steps:

1. Visit and log in. 

2. Create a personalized Voki of your choice .  

3. SAVE and then PUBLISH your Voki. You will need the html code (bottom left of the screen after you publish) 

4. Copy the html code and then open a new tab for your blog.  

5. Paste the html code into a text widget in your sidebar and save. 

I can’t wait to see your creations!


Snow Day!

Snow Day!!!!  Just those two words are so exciting! Even though we love school , and we want to be there learning, there is something magical about a Snow Day. 🙂  I hope all of my students are enjoying their second day off and now that we have some snow, I hope you get to go out and build a snow man, make snow angels, or do some sledding!  I’d love to hear about your snow day activities!

If you have not completed the Blogging Challenge, scroll down and you will see it is still there. I’ll be checking all of your posts today!

There are two fun things I’d like you to do before school on Monday.   I had intended for us to start learning about theme and story elements yesterday and today, so I thought you could do these two things at home.

One is to take the Google Drive Survey below.

The other is to watch the Flocabulary video about story elements.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


Communication Over Time

This week the students are working toward the learning target “I can explain how communication has changed over time.” At the same time we are also starting to focus on identifying the main idea and details of a text. The students read books about different types of communication and identified the most important point of each chapter. In the photos below they are organizing each type of communication into timelines. We wi then add illustrations and explanations of each type of communication….whew! There is a whole lot of learning going on in room 815!





Next week will begin our blogging journey now that testing is almost over and we can get out hands on the school computers. We can’t wait!!


Crystals and Books

Many students requested a recipe to make crystals and although I searched online, I didn’t see any that I really loved and thought would be super easy to make at home. Here is a link to one that I found , in case you would like to try it this weekend. If you do, take photos so that we can put them on your blog!

What have you all been doing over break? I have been very busy, but one goal I had was to read a few books that I thought you all would like. So far, the books I have read are The Golden Door, Princess Academy, and Kiri-Kiri. Next I plan to read The Phantom Tollbooth, which I read at some point when I was younger, but I completely forgot what it was about! You know that I love to reread books anyway, so I am excited to start.

The Golden Door is a story of adventure and of a boy realizing his true potential. Nick first introduced me to the book and then Connor picked it up and was excited about it also, I just knew I had to read it!


The Princess Academy is a neat story about a girl from a small mountain town that discovers a new world and new possibilities when she learns to read. She begins to understand what her true path could be in life through a series of challenges.

Kiri-Kiri is a story of two Japanese girls growing up in Georgia in the 1950’s. My students will remember that this was a time when African-Americans and white people were segregated, or separated. If you can imagine, two Japanese girls would have had some similar experiences to African-Americans during that time in the South. I am only about half-way through this book, so I am interested to see where it leads.


All of these books are challenging and well-written stories. I would encourage you to find them at your local library or in our classroom library when we get back to school!

Have you read any good books over break? Write a comment below and tell us about them. Maybe your suggestion will be the next book I read.

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A Seussical Day in Room 815

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and in honor of this beloved author or class transformed into Loraxes for the day! We read the story and understand that UNLESS someone special (like US) comes along and tries to make a difference in the world, bad things will continue to happen. See our transformation below!















Image 81

Image 83

Image 84

Image 86

Image 87

Image 88

Image 89

Image 90

Image 91

Image 92

Image 95

Image 97

Image 98

Image 100

Image 101

Image 102

Image 103

Image 104

Image 105


Just Right Books

Welcome Back!
Today was our fifth day of school and we already have learned so much! Our class is wonderful this year and I can’t wait for all the learning that will take place. Today we learned about “Just Right Books” . We read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and talked about how only the one chair, bowl of porridge, and bed were just right for Goldilocks, just like how some books may be just right for you, but not for your best friend. We also talked about how when we go shopping, we only want to shop for just right clothes, not clothes that fit our guinea pig, or our grandpa!! That is so silly! We would never do that! So why would we want to read books that weren’t just right for us?

Kelly is showing us what it looks like when we shop for clothes that are like "too easy" books. That doesn't fit you, Kelly!!!

Kelly is showing us what it looks like when we shop for clothes that are like “too easy” books. That doesn’t fit you, Kelly!!!

Ava is modeling a shirt that fits JUST RIGHT! Way to go , Ava!

Ava is modeling a shirt that fits JUST RIGHT! Way to go , Ava!

kylee just right

We had so much fun learning about JUST RIGHT BOOKS. I hope that our whole class will be thinking about whether the books they are choosing are just right for them.

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Glitter Text Generator

We have been immersing ourselves in poetry the last two weeks and our class has been learning so much! So far we have learned how to write Bio Poems, Haikus, and Diamante Poems. We have also learned how to break down poems so that we can understand them better by learning poetry vocabulary and tricks that poets use. Do you remember our vocabulary from this week? We learned words like rhyme, rhythm, personification, line break, and stanza. Let’s share with the world some of what we have learned…. let’s all share a Bio Poem about ourselves or a character. I will start and I will remind you of the format below. I encourage any of our visitors to try it for yourself!

We also used these websites to practice our poetry:

Energetic, enthusiastic, caring, funny
Daughter of Dorie and Gary; sister of Joey
Lover of teaching, fitness, music and dancing!
Who feels inspired when my students learn something new, energized after I teach a fitness class, calm
when I am with my family
Who gives knowledge (hopefully) to my students, hugs to my friends, and prescription cat food to Toby the
Who fears disappointing my friends or family, dark, creepy basements, and horror movies at night
Who would like to see the city my grandfather was from (Pop), Fiji with Mr. Russ (if I can ever make the
plane ride!), and health and wealth of happiness for my friends and family
Who lives in Sagamore Hills, Ohio

First Name
4 adjectives to describe you
Son or Daughter of (or Sibling of..)
Lover of (Three things you love)
Who feels (three feelings and when or where you feel them)
Who gives (three things you give)
Who fears (three things)
Who would like to see (three things)
Who lives (not your address, just your city or state)
Last Name

Glitter Text Generator


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