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Quadblogging Week, St. Patrick’s Day Linking Words

Hello Friends!

This week we have a series of different activities we’d like to share with you!

Linking Words

Last week, we started learning about linking words that we can use in our persuasive writing. Linking words are words or phrases that we use to connect our big ideas .  We ALWAYS use a comma after a linking word or phrase and they always come at the beginning of a sentence.  For a fun craft today, we brainstormed some of the more challenging linking words like “Furthermore”, “In addition”, and “For example”.  I wonder if some of our students or some of our Quadblogging buddies can think of other linking words or phrases? List them below in the comments!

So we  brainstormed a collection of linking words and wrote each one separately on to different colored strips of paper.  We made a black pot and lots of gold to stick out the top, connected our linking word links and voila!  A rainbow of linking words cascading into our pots!  Here are some pictures of the kids in action. I will post photos of the finished products hanging from our ceiling tomorrow.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Click on the links below to see some rough draft examples of students who have typed up a piece of persuasive writing for you.  Do you feel persuaded?  Please visit their sites and comment below. We’d love to get some good, constructive feedback. We use STARS (things we think someone did really well!) and WISHES (things we think the student could improve on) when we critique each other’s work.  Your feedback is valuable!




Hello Friends,

This coming week we will be beginning something very new and exciting! We will begin quadblogging with 3 other classrooms from around the world!  We have partnered with Mrs. Quigley’s 4th Grade Class in Hudsonville, Michigan, Mrs. Pjura’s 2nd Grade Class in Apache Junction, Arizona, and Mrs. Ericsson and Mrs. DeBique Year 3 and Year 4 Class in Taranaki, New Zealand.

The idea behind quadblogging is that each classroom takes a turn for a week being a focal point of the quad.  During that time the other members of the quad all engage in that blog, participate in any activities they initiate and take the time to learn more about their classroom, their school and their region.  

Our class is going to go first next week and we are working on some ideas of different ways we can get involved with our new friends!  We can’t wait to get started!  I’d love to hear ideas from students or visitors on ways we can engage with our new quadblogging buddies!  Comment below! 



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