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So Many Firsts!

           We had many firsts today!  We had our first Bank Day and our first Rock Star Party!  We also watched our first Newsdepth!  Whew! What a busy day!

In our classroom our Rock Star system is one of the many things that make our classroom special.  The students work very hard every day to be their best and think often about how they can go above and beyond, do more and try harder.  We have had so many Rock Stars already this month and it is only our first month!  We may even have the entire class at the Rock Star Party next month! Wow!  Here are some photos from today’s party to celebrate our September Rock Stars!  The theme was a cupcake decorating party 🙂

IMG_6254 IMG_6253 IMG_6252 IMG_6251

Today was also our first Bank Day!  Bank Day happens once a month and this is a time for us to enter all of our information and money ; paychecks, fines, Bonus Bucks, and Rent, all into our Bank Books (ledgers). In our class the students learn how to budget and plan about saving and spending their money. They also practice multiple digit addition and subtraction while learning how to enter deposits and withdraws into their banking ledgers. We even learn how to write checks!! So many life lessons and we are only 8 and 9 years old!  See the photos below and a special thanks to all of the parent helpers for this Bank Day: Mrs. Laki, Mrs. Coughanour, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Flynn, and Mrs. Prugar! We couldn’t have done it without you!

IMG_6267 IMG_6266 IMG_6265 IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6262 IMG_6260 IMG_6259 IMG_6258 IMG_6257 IMG_6256 IMG_6255


Lastly, we watched our first Newsdepth. Newsdepth is a special news program for students.  They talk about all the current events in the world, our country and even in Ohio!  We learn about various professions, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Math and so much more from watching Newsdepth. Here is the link to this week’s show if you want to share it with your friends and family!  Don’t forget to find the link on the web page that says “Petting Zoo”  to see all the entertaining animal videos!



Banana Split Multiplication Party

On Friday, March 27th, we had our Banana Split Multiplication Party!  This was a party we had been working towards for a few months.  Our goal at Falls-Lenox is that every child will memorize and be comfortable understanding their multiplication facts by the 2nd trimester. Although we talk about multiplication all year, the Banana Split Party facts are special!  We start in late November, early December, and we take at least one Banana Split Party fact test a week. These tests are leveled; x2’s, x3’s, x4’s , etc.  You have to pass your x2’s before you can move on to your x3’s.  Each test is 20 problems and you have one minute to complete them! It is a very fast minute!  The students had the responsibility of practicing their facts at home as we worked with our facts at school.  As you pass each level, you acquire something . When you pass your x2’s you earn your bowl. When you pass your x3’s you earn your bowl, and so on.  By the time you have passed your x9’s, you have 2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, bananas, sprinkles, whip cream and a cherry!  Woohoo!  

Thanks to generous donations from families, we were able to have a fun and successful Banana Split Party where the students could celebrate mastering their facts! Check out the photos below.  photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2-1 photo 5 photo 4


Perimeter and Area

Starting last week, the students  have been introduced to the idea of measuring to find the perimeter and the area of shapes and objects.  One of the first things I do every year is teach my students a song to go with each. We sing these songs over and over again because they help so much!  I have had many students say that years later they were still singing those songs when they needed to find the perimeter or the area of an object.  Tomorrow the students will be creating some art while also finding the perimeter and area of their artwork! I will post some pictures of what are sure to be beautiful works of art tomorrow. In the mean time, below are the videos of the students singing both the perimeter and area song. I will add these to the “Math” tab so that they will be easier to find for future use.  



Perimeter is the measurement around the outside of a shape. 

peri= around     meter= measure

Area is the measurement within the shape. This is always measured in square units! 




Painting a Chevron Pattern = Crazy Math Skills!

Whew! Well, I don’t know what my students did on their snowy day off, but I decided I would tackle a painting project I had been wanting to try. I decided I wanted to paint a chevron pattern on one wall of our spare bedroom.

This is a chevron pattern:


I know no idea what a mathematical journey I was about to embark on! I decided to take short videos of each step of the process so that you, my lovely students, could see an example of just one way that we encounter all the things that we are learning in math in our everyday lives. This was tough! I had to really persevere!

Watch the videos below and see if you can tell me all the different examples of math that we have learned so far this year in just this one project (which took me all day by the way! ).

When you finish you can see a picture of the almost finished project.

video 1

After all the lines were drawn…
photo 3

I had to tape all the lines…

Stay tuned for the finished project!


Symmetry Projects

This week the students are learning about lines of symmetry and congruent shapes. Below are some examples of lines of symmetry:

The students practiced on 2-D shapes and then completed a fun project where they had to write their name in cursive on a folded piece of paper, unfold the now very abstract shape, and see very clearly their line of symmetry. We had a lot of fun working on these!

The students have also been working on Facial Symmetry Art. These turned out so neat!! Way to go class!

You can also visit our student blogs to see samples of their cursive symmetry.


Perimeter and Area

We have been spending quite a bit of time learning about perimeter and area and you are almost professionals! You have two challenges here:

1. First, sing the perimeter and area songs to a family member. If you can, take a video of you singing it and email it to Mrs. Campagna and we’ll put it on your blog! Remember the words:

Perimeter, perimeter, goes around around. Add up all the sides and then you write your answer down!

Area , area, throughout the whole middle. For rectangles it’s base times height and your answer will always be right!

2. Solve the problem below.

I want to build a small football field in my backyard. I need to know how much fencing I have to purchase to surround my whole yard. I also have to know the area , because I want to purchase some artificial grass for the field. Solve the problem to let me know how much fencing I need and how much artificial grass I should buy. Show you work in numbers and words!

My backyard is 20 yards wide and 30 yards long.

If you need to draw a picture to help you, that is a great strategy to use!


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