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Crystals and Books

Many students requested a recipe to make crystals and although I searched online, I didn’t see any that I really loved and thought would be super easy to make at home. Here is a link to one that I found , in case you would like to try it this weekend. If you do, take photos so that we can put them on your blog!

What have you all been doing over break? I have been very busy, but one goal I had was to read a few books that I thought you all would like. So far, the books I have read are The Golden Door, Princess Academy, and Kiri-Kiri. Next I plan to read The Phantom Tollbooth, which I read at some point when I was younger, but I completely forgot what it was about! You know that I love to reread books anyway, so I am excited to start.

The Golden Door is a story of adventure and of a boy realizing his true potential. Nick first introduced me to the book and then Connor picked it up and was excited about it also, I just knew I had to read it!


The Princess Academy is a neat story about a girl from a small mountain town that discovers a new world and new possibilities when she learns to read. She begins to understand what her true path could be in life through a series of challenges.

Kiri-Kiri is a story of two Japanese girls growing up in Georgia in the 1950’s. My students will remember that this was a time when African-Americans and white people were segregated, or separated. If you can imagine, two Japanese girls would have had some similar experiences to African-Americans during that time in the South. I am only about half-way through this book, so I am interested to see where it leads.


All of these books are challenging and well-written stories. I would encourage you to find them at your local library or in our classroom library when we get back to school!

Have you read any good books over break? Write a comment below and tell us about them. Maybe your suggestion will be the next book I read.

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A Seussical Day in Room 815

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and in honor of this beloved author or class transformed into Loraxes for the day! We read the story and understand that UNLESS someone special (like US) comes along and tries to make a difference in the world, bad things will continue to happen. See our transformation below!















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Five Places to Visit in Olmsted Falls

There are many interesting places in Ol Falls. asldfkjasdlfkjasdlkjasdlfkjasdlfkjasdlfjsd;lfkjsldkfadjasldkfj

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Algebra Exploration

Today we introduced the idea of creating an algebraic expression or number sentence using a symbol or letter to replace the unknown number. We introduced this idea by exploring a problem about guinea pigs!

There are 10 guinea pigs in a classroom and two cages. How many different ways can you arrange the guinea pigs to fit into the two cages?

After spending time in groups most students could create the number sentences :
and so on.

Only one group thought to arrange the guinea pigs using turn-around facts by recognizing that putting 1 in the first cage and 9 in the second cage is different that putting 9 in the first cage and 1 in the second cage.

We found that with 10 guinea pigs there were 11 ways to arrange them.

Next we tried the problem with 8 guinea pigs, and then 25! By the end the students discovered that the number of guinea pigs + 1 always equaled the number of ways that you could arrange them.

By the end of the lesson, the students were able to understand that :

NUMBER OF PIGS + 1 = NUMBER OF WAYS and were able to apply this to many different problems. Way to go third graders!

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photo 51


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