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“She in the Cle’s” Mrs. Martin Visits Room 815!

on October 14, 2015

mrs martin and classToday we had a very special visitor come to our classroom!  Mrs. Martin from She in the Cle, a Cleveland blog inspired by women and contributed to by women came to our classroom to speak about the power of blogging, blogging inspiration and ways we can become stronger bloggers.  We learned so much!

Some of the ideas that Mrs. Martin shared and that we discussed after she left where about 3 ways or reasons people blog. She said that people blog about:

1. something they know a great deal about and want to share that information with the world

2. Something they are passionate about (whether it is something they love or don’t love)

3. Something they want to change

She told us many ways that she gathers inspiration for her blog posts, and let us know that she reads up to 70 blogs a day!! She also spends about 2 hours a day working on her blog. We had a good discussion about how if we want to improve in anything we have to practice and in blogging this means visiting other blogs and working hard on ours!

Mrs. Martin also talked about the importance of adding a “Call to Action” to your blogs. This means asking your readers to do something or think deeply about what you have said in your post.  Remember that bloggers can inspire others and can change they way people view new ideas!

Mrs. Martin picture one Mrs. Martin picture two

Mrs. Martin told us some really neat facts such as adding images to your blog makes people 80% more likely to read it and that lists are one of the most widely read topics on blogs (I never knew this!).

We talked about how words are POWERFUL and that with that POWER comes a great RESPONSIBILTY .   I would love to see some comments below about what you think this means. What does it mean that words are powerful? What does it mean that we have a responsibility when we are blogging?  Comment below with your ideas!

Also, visit these student blogs to see what they had to say about Mrs. Martin’s visit (more to come later!) :




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  1. avac2015 says:

    I hit my 30 post you should tell me hoh many you have?


  2. hmsjoe says:

    Dear Ms.Campagna

    I came here from the student blogging challenge,

    It’s very interesting how you teach, and I like it.

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