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Using Google Forms to Create a Complete List of Class Blogs

on December 17, 2014

Hello Students!

Your Photopeach slideshows turned out so beautifully!  Your posts were very detailed and thorough. They really were a chance for me to see what you know about fractions! Way to go!

Mrs. Carlin, who you all met when we learned about, and many parents met on our Tech Night, was kind enough to create a Google Form to compile a complete list of student blogs addresses.  She suggested that she could share this with other school districts and even students at our very own high school so that they could visit our blogs and learn all about what we are doing in Room 815!  I’d like for you to complete this survey by Friday so that I can send a copy  of the list home with each of you. This will make it very easy to continue to blog with your friends over break!

Click on the link below to complete the survey:


8 Responses to “Using Google Forms to Create a Complete List of Class Blogs”

  1. luisav2014 says:

    Dear Mrs. Campagna,

    Is this a new blogging challenge and I forgot my homework at school cause I had to go home. I think Im going or not going to school I hope I do go to school .

    • Mrs. Campagna says:

      Dear Luisa,
      I was so very sorry to hear that you went home sick today! I know you had said yesterday afternoon that your head hurt so that must have been a sign you were coming down with something. I really hope you can come tomorrow, but if not, maybe we can skype with you during the Mug Exchange?! That would be fun! I’ll keep my eye on the blog and you let me know if you can’t come to school if you are well enough to skype. Take care and rest.
      Mrs. C.

      • luisav2014 says:

        Dear Mrs campagna,

        I hope you guys had fun at the mug exchange. But my person told me that she had me and I told my person Caleb that he was my person and the one that had a pink bow was his mug. W hat movie did you watch I was going to give you my present for you today but I couldn’t go to school . Cay in two weeks and can you ask Mrs. Wallace what am going to be for circus circus because I don’t know what I’m going to be. And one more thing how is the class doing and did Braden go to the mug exchange.


        • Dear Luisa,

          We were so sorry you could not be here the last two days! We did do the Mug Exchange, and Braeden was able to come. I took a lot of pictures which I will put up on the blog for you. That is kind of you to get me a present, but you can always give it to me when you get back. I’ll look forward to it 🙂 The movie we watched today was Frozen. I have never seen it before! It was so funny and the kids all sang along to pretty much the entire movie. Well you take care, you can ask Mrs. Wallace about Circus, Circus when we get back because I am afraid I will not see her today. Jump on the blog later to see the photos! Love,
          Mrs. C.

  2. mackenzieb2014 says:

    Dear Mrs Campagna were is The new bloging challgne i can’t find it Love Mackenzie

  3. Kelly Strang says:

    Happy New Year Mrs. Campagna!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Kelly Strang says:

    Hi Mrs. Campagna,
    I wanted to respond to the post about skyping. So far 4th grade is going really well! Just back in November I needed to go into a reading tutor because I had trouble with my comprehension. Mrs. Barylski is a really great teacher she has helped me with everything even my comprehension. My aunt just recently had h twins a girl and a boy, boy’s name is Finn Thomas and the girls name is Emma Grace. You were just recently at OFIS I saw you in the hall and I really wanted to go say hi. Connor B and Aashish said that they saw you, I was mad because I really wanted to see you but they did!! Over my break I went to Amish country and we went to Ogelbay it is a show but all lights it was really cool. Anyway so we went to Amish country and we went to a couple of stores, then we went to a very good lunch restaurant and we stayed over night at a hotel. The next day we went to a collage and then we went home. I really miss you and I hope if you come back I will see you again!!

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