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Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

on November 19, 2014

Hello Students! 

You are finally ready to start some blogging challenges! You have worked really hard so far this year to learn about internet safety, technology and blogging vocabulary and just how to maneuver in different ways on the web. You have done an awesome job!  

In honor of our Family Blogging Months, our first challenge is borrowed from the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge website (you can view it here) .  Follow the directions below and have fun! 

Create Family Avatars!  

You can create an avatar to represent your family members!  We used a site called Build Your Wild Self, but there are other sites out there that are so fun!  

1. Your job is to choose two family members . 

2. Choose one of the sites listed below to create an avatar for each of the two family members that you choose  that you think represents (stands for) their personality. Be creative!

3. Save your avatar to your home computer, your 815 folder at school, or your Google Drive folder.

4. Write a post  about your two family members (remember- be safe, don’t overshare!).  Explain why the avatars you created match each person.  

5. Include the avatars in your blog post. 

You can do it!  When we are all done, we will create a slideshow of our family of avatars!

avatar builder one

avatar builder two 

avatar builder three

avatar builder four

avatar builder five

avatar builder six


4 Responses to “Student Blogging Challenge Week 1”

  1. hamsikat2014 says:

    Dear Mrs.Campagna,
    I don’t get what I have to do because what is the student blogging challenge? I know I have to go to BUILD YOUR WILD, but how do you put your avatars on your blog? This is 21.

    Con amor,

  2. noahg2014 says:

    Dear Mrs.Campagna,

    You have to read this comment now. Get everybody in our class to go to my blog. I have a new eighties background and a new title for my blog.

    Con Amor,

  3. Kelly Strang says:

    Hi Mrs.Campagna’s class I read this post and I was really exited when was started are blogging challenge’s last year. Hope you guys have fun!

  4. Noah says:

    Dear Mrs Campagna,
    Can you please tell me what the password is to storybird because I can’t seem to get the password right ever.

    HELP ME,

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