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Digital Passport

on September 20, 2013

Our class has begun having a discussion about internet and technology safety. As a fun way to practice what we are learning, every student has created a Digital Passport account. The students will move through stages in Digital Passport and in each stage will learn about a different way to be safe on the internet and with technology. The first stage is about when it is unsafe or rude to talk or text on your cell phone. We had a fantastic discussion about good times and not such good times to be on your cell phone. The second stage is about what kinds of information it is safe to put on the internet and what kinds of information we should avoid sharing. As the students pass each stage they earn a badge. When they have achieved each of the 5 badges they will receive their digital passport and be able to begin learning how to blog! Below is the link for Digital Passport. The students received login information today at school. Have fun, learn and explore! The sooner you earn your badges, the sooner we can begin blogging!

9 Responses to “Digital Passport”

  1. Julianne Allen says:

    Digital Passport sounds like such a great program! I know many adults could use these tips and learn a few things about cell phone manners and internet safety. I am so happy that you are teaching the students these important rules! Good job, Mrs. C & class!

  2. dawnmoses says:

    I agree it is never too late to learn about the safety of the internet, cell phone or any other technology. Thank you Mrs. Campagna for takin gthe time to educate our children on this very important topic.

  3. Mrs. C. says:

    Dear Class,

    When I write strong comments, I use capital letters and punctuation. Please do your best work!

    Mrs. C.

  4. Elisa Waingort says:

    It is so important to have rules for conducting yourself online. It’s good for safety as well as for communicating clearly and respectfully. Enjoy your journey!

  5. Shannon says:

    Dear mrs. c my Dad and I cant find the video can you tell me where it is thank you .love Shannon

  6. colintehoke says:

    Hi shannon

  7. sevey says:

    That’s how I felt when I played golf

  8. sean says:

    That was a very nice video. I felt happy when I saw
    it. I also had a connection because I play golf too!


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