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Create a Persuasive Voki

on December 7, 2012

Glitter Text Generator

We have been learning about Author’s purpose: why authors write the types of stories, articles, essay that they write. You have been practicing writing entertaining, persuasive, and informational stories. You know that informational stories should just be facts, no opinions here! Entertaining stories can be funny, silly, interesting, scary, surprising, etc. Persuasive writing has been the most challenging. You have to not only talk about a topic, but you have to add some facts and some opinions in order to persuade your reader to think or do what you want them to.

Here is your challenge, but read all of the directions before you begin! Your job is to create a Voki that persuades your visitors to read a certain book you are currently really excited about.

1. Create a free Voki using this site:

2. Choose your body, face, hair, clothes and more to create your own Voki, but be aware, there are only some options available for free. The realistic looking faces typically cost money.

3. Add your voice to your Voki, either by talking into your computer’s microphone, or type what you want to say and it will use a computer voice. You do this by clicking on the keyboard button or the microphone button.

You must be persuasive! Tell the title of the book, the genre and then make it sound like the most fascinating book anyone could ever read. You want friends around the world to want to read this book after they see your post!

4. Click “Publish” below your new Voki when you are done. They may ask for a email and password. The email is our class’: and the password is PASSWORD.

5. Now you have a code just like you did for your Cluster Map and Class Pet. This time, copy the code (long list of letters and symbols) and paste it into a NEW POST on your blog.

If you have trouble, write a comment here and I will try to help!

Have fun! I can’t wait to see which books I will be persuaded to read!

15 Responses to “Create a Persuasive Voki”

  1. malloryo says:

    Dear Mrs. Campagna,
    I did my voki on Saturday. I learned how to type the message and create a voice. It was interesting to make a voki. once I tried to and that was confusing. Thank you for teaching me how to make a voki.


  2. emersonl says:

    Dear Mrs.C,
    I have a tree on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kylerk2012 says:

    yes! I got it

  4. laurenk2012 says:

    Lauren has made her Voki (several times), we hit publish, highlight the code and paste it into a NEW POST on her blog. All that shows is a the random letters and numbers from the code in the new post box. There is no Voki to be seen. Any tips?
    Thanks, Dawn Katona

    • Mrs Campagna says:

      Hi Katona Ladies!

      Try this: do as you were by going to Voki site, copying the code. Then
      Go to your dashboard. Go to APPEARANCE . Then go to WIDGETS. Drag the
      TEXT widget from the middle to the sidebar. In the window for the
      TEXT widget that now opens up, paste the code here. Hit SAVE. Then
      Visit your updated site. Some themes don’t allow us to put our voki’s
      Inside our post, we have discovered. I don’t know why. Hmm . That should
      Work though. Lauren, it’s the same process you used for your class pet.
      If it doesn’t work we’ll get it tomorrow!

      Mrs. C.

  5. laurenk2012 says:

    That worked! Thanks Mrs. Campagna!
    Dawn Katona

  6. Sam S. says:

    How do you get the voki on your blog

    • Mrs. Campagna says:

      Hi Sam,

      Go to the website link in the post above. Create your Voki. Add your voice if you want, or type in a message. Then, hit PUBLISH . You will see the code (long list of letters and symbols) come up below. Copy this whole thing. Next, go to your DASHBOARD. Go to APPEARANCES and WIDGETS. Drag the TEXT widget from the middle to the sidebar. When this screen opens, you should have a place to paste your Voki code. Hit SAVE and then visit your site, it should be there! Have fun!

      Mrs. C.

  7. sams2012 says:

    Never mind mrs.capanga i got my voki.But cheak out my blog i added a lot of stuff on my blog

    hope you like it,

  8. Tracey Leavell says:

    Good Morning Mrs. C:
    We love your glitter text and are anxious to try it out. In grade 2 in Alberta, times tables and fractions are not really part of our curriculum. We do however touch on those ideas during other math learning. I got the Christmas countdown and flag counter from “widgetbox” which is a site to find widgets. I believe, since I did not create the Christmas countdown that it is actually counting down to Christmas. Today the weather in Duffield is close to -15 degrees Celsius which is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is snowing, it seems we will have a white Christmas this year. Our last day of classes this year is the 21st and we return to school on the 7th. Caiden tells us that this is 14 days. We are loving learning about another class and what they are up to. Thanks for being our blogging buddies! Mrs. Leavell’s Grade 2’s

  9. emmak2012 says:

    Dear mrs.Campagna,
    I have 3 vokis

  10. erin says:

    Dear Mrs.Campagna,
    Me and my mom both tried to get my voki but it did not work.Any idea why it did not work?

    Your friend,

  11. saml says:

    dear Mrs campagna
    I cound’t find my paper for my bi-weekly essay so toomorrow I will not have it THANKS BYE I ALMOST FORGOT I am commenting on Mrs leavell’s blog

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