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Let’s Make Avatars!

on October 15, 2012

It is time to make your own avatars! Avatars are characters that represent you on the web, and show up next to your name when you comment on a blog. A fun website that I found where you can create your very own wild avatar is called “Build Your Wild Self”. Read these directions before you begin:

1. Click on the link below.

2. Primero, create your human self.

3. Segundo, add eyes, mouth and hair!

4. Tercero, begin to add or change you clothes, add wings, a tail, or horns! Anything you like to make it all your own.

5. Finalmente, when you are done, save your avatar by clicking “save as” and then name your avatar with your first name and “avatar” . For example ; Mrs. Campagna avatar.

Have fun!

9 Responses to “Let’s Make Avatars!”

  1. Elisa Waingort says:

    Can’t wait to see your Avatars, Mrs. Campagna’s class!

  2. saml says:

    Dear mrs campagna
    I got a new avatar

    your student

  3. Audrey says:

    Dear Mrs.Campagna,
    I loved making the avatars.It was so fun.I can’t wait to show my family.


    • Mrs. Campagna says:

      Audrey, SamL and Max,

      I loved making the avatars also! It was so fun to see all the different kinds of combinations you could make! The possibilities are endless! I think that I will post all of our new avatars on a page on the blog. What do you think? Also, aren’t you looking forward to seeing our first student blogs? I am!

      Mrs. Campagna

  4. max says:

    Dear Class,

    It was relly fun in computer lab when we made are avatar carecters i thot mine was funny.

    your classmate

  5. Samlawrence says:

    Dear mrs Campagna
    I made a new avatar

  6. Allie says:

    Dear Mrs.Campanga,
    It was really fun making avatars. I like how you can put a lion’s mane on your avatar and crab eyes too. I think it’s cool how it tells
    you about each animal part you put on your avatar after you’re done making it. I like everything we’ve learned so far for our blog.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oct. 17, 2012
    I think making avatars is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL:) I”ve been thinking about my blog
    experiment! I wish that school was shorter so I had more time to do homework and to speed time up so
    it went quicker to Mon. and I will have more time to think about my blog experiment.


    • Mrs Campagna says:


      You are right, making avatars is very cool! I am glad you are so excited about
      your guest blogging opportunity! I know you and Madison are going to do a wonderful job! We
      All can’t wait to hear what you have to share.

      Mrs. Campagna

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